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Help us confront the intertwined roots of social injustice and ecological destruction

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COVID-19, Black Lives Matter & Protecting Wild Forests:

Global Justice Ecology's mission has always been understanding, exposing and addressing the deep interconnections between social injustice, ecological destruction and economic domination. Protecting forests and other ecosystems, defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples and fighting systemic racism has always been central to our work.

And the support of you and others like you has made this groundbreaking work possible.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, while people have been locked down, business as usual has continued, with the world's elite using COVID-19 as an opportunity to flaunt environmental and health regulations and dismantle civil liberties. We have been researching news and analysis around COVID-19, including its links to the destruction of ancient forests, and compiling it in an online repository.

We have stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests following the shocking murder of George Floyd. See our powerful video below of a 14 year old girl reading a poem at a BLM protest about what it means to grow up black in the US.

At the same time, we continue to ramp up our work to protect wild forests from genetically engineered trees specially designed for release into the wild to spread uncontrollably. The USDA could release the petition requesting the legalization of these GE trees any day and we are mobilizing to stop this massive and irreversible experiment with our forests.

I encourage you to sign up for our website posts to get this information in your inbox. You can use and share these resources to help spread awareness of the roots of the Pandemic, the history of opposition to systemic racism in the US, and the global efforts to protect wild forests in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples who call them home.

By developing this understanding of the deep interconnections of these issues, we can come together and develop next steps toward a new socially and ecologically just future. Join Global Justice Ecology Project as we help create this new future.

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