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Help us Save Forests from the Risks of Genetically Engineered Trees!

Help us stop the scheme to plant GE trees throughout our forests to spread uncontrollably

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We Need You! Please Help Protect Forests and Communities from Dangerous GE Trees

Researchers and corporations are seeking US government permissions to release unproven and risky genetically engineered (GE) trees into forests for so-called "restoration." But releasing GE trees into forests is not restoration, it is dangerous experimentation.

Forests make life on Earth possible.

There are no long-term risk assessments to understand the impacts of releasing these GE American chestnut trees into forests, and geneticists warn such assessments are not possible with trees that live hundreds of years.

Engineers think they can (re)create nature in the lab, but wild trees cannot be replaced by with GE facsimiles. GE trees would not protect nature, they would replace it.

If this GE American chestnut tree is legalized, it would open the floodgates to all of the other GE trees being developed for industrial tree plantations.

Please join the effort to protect forests and the communities that depend on them from the unpredictable and irreversible threats from GE trees.

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Thank you!

World renowned geneticist Dr. David Suzuki explains the dangers of GE trees:

"We have no control over the movement of insects, birds and mammals, wind and rain that carry pollen. GM trees, with the potential to transfer pollen for hundreds of miles carrying genes for traits including insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, sterility and reduced lignin, thus have the potential to wreak havoc throughout the world’s native forests...

The rush to apply these ideas is absolutely dangerous because we don't have a clue what the long-term impact of our manipulations is going to be."