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Support the Resurgence: Forest & Climate Movement Convergence

Honor an activist by helping create bold new strategies for forest and climate action

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Help us converge to protect forests and advance climate justice!

The Resurgence: North America Forest & Climate Movement Convergence is not another conference - It is a call to action.

We are facing a climate emergency. To avoid the worst impacts from climate change, we must immediately cease burning fossil fuels and drastically reduce over-consumption. We must protect and restore the Earth's forest ecosystems, and defend the territorial rights of Indigenous and forest dependent communities on whose lands most of the world’s remaining intact forests are found.

But to accomplish this, we must unify the efforts of all movements standing for justice. That is exactly why The Resurgence was organized. It will bring together hundreds of grassroots organizers working on the interconnected issues of forest destruction, climate change, Indigenous sovereignty, racial and gender oppression, corporate domination, fossil fuel extraction, and social and environmental injustice to strategize solutions to this crisis.

This critically important event is right around the corner and we are still short of meeting our fundraising goal! Please donate to make this event a success.

We need you. We do not accept government funds. We have no rich people bankrolling us. This is a grassroots event funded by people like you, designed to launch new initiatives that create real change at this critical moment in history.

Be a part of this historic event. Donate today!

Honor an activist that inspired you with your gift and we will include their name on our honor wall at The Resurgence: North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence.

Join us in creating radical change!

Thank you!