Your year end gift will be doubled! Act now! image

Your year end gift will be doubled! Act now!

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$26,300 raised

$25,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Support GJEP's work to stop GE trees, defend forests and advance ecological justice!

Please send a gift today to support Global Justice Ecology Project's programs to stop genetically engineered trees, protect forests, and advance climate justice in the US and around the world.

Act today and your donation will be matched–to a maximum of $12,000!

This means your support will go even further to help advance our programs to protect wild forests, biodiversity, water, while defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples and rural communities in the US, in Latin America and around the globe.

We need your support to stop reckless and dangerous plans to release genetically engineered (GE) trees into wild forests, develop plantations of GE trees that resist toxic chemicals, and develop fungus-killing GE tree plantations that will worsen climate change.

Your gift will also enable our ongoing work in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and environmental justice organizations in Chile and throughout the Global South and North.

In the midst of today's many ecological and social crises, GJEP is more committed than ever to transform unjust political and economic systems. GJEP uses a diverse array of approaches including mobilizing actions, building alliances, coordinating global campaigns, concerned photography, and public education and outreach.

Please give generously. Your DOUBLED support today is critical!

Thank you.

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To send a gift by mail: make payable to GJEP and send to 266 Elmwood Avenue, Ste 307, Buffalo, NY 14222-2202 USA