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GJEP's Breaking Green Podcast Confronts False Solutions to Global Crises

GJEP takes a no compromise approach that exposes the intertwined root causes of some of the biggest crises we are facing. Our newest initiative is Breaking Green, a podcast that features interviews with experts and front line voices to identify these root causes and challenge the dangerous corporate false solutions being promoted, while also looking at real solutions.

We accept no corporate sponsors, and rely on people like you to make Breaking Green possible.

Activists, scientists, Indigenous Peoples and grassroots activists across the world are calling for a fundamental transformation of the systems that are driving the climate, ecological and human rights crises all over the world.

But corporate interests seek to use these crises as new sources of profits. They plan to monetize forests, soils and even the ocean under so-called "Nature Based Solutions" and carbon offset schemes. Anything to avoid addressing the real root causes of the climate and other crises.

Breaking Green interviews experts like Dr. Rachel Smolker of Biofuelwatch who discusses the dangers and impacts of these fake climate schemes, with a focus on those that rely on trees and forests--like burning forests for electricity or expanding destructive industrial tree plantations as "offsets" to enable ongoing pollution.

Breaking Green also interviewed GJEP co-founder Orin Langelle about the expedition he co-led deep into the Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico ten years earlier. The expedition documented the powerful resistance of the Indigenous Peoples of Amador Hernandez to the forest carbon offset scheme that was threatening to displace them from their land.

GJEP's Breaking Green podcast airs monthly interviews with activists and experts who expose false solutions to climate change and other “green proposals” that exacerbate social and economic injustices, and deepen ecological crises. But we can't do it without you.

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