Your renewed gift to GJEP today will be matched - doubling its impact! image

Your renewed gift to GJEP today will be matched - doubling its impact!

And new monthly donations will be TRIPLED!

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Your renewed gift will help us stop false solutions and promote real change!

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Thanks to two generous matching gifts, every renewed donation from an expired GJEP supporter will be matched up to a maximum of $12,000! Please take advantage of this great opportunity to double your impact.

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The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats facing us today.

There is wide consensus from Indigenous Peoples, activists, scientists and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that addressing this crisis will require a fundamental transformation in the way business as usual is conducted.

Instead, the emphasis is on fake climate “solutions”—like phony carbon offsets and enormous increases in use of wood to replace fossil fuels in the so-called “bioeconomy.” And genetically engineered trees are being developed for future plantations to fill the demand for trees and wood.

GJEP needs your renewed support to fight false solutions like these.

We cannot accomplish all of this key work without your renewed support.

Please consider a gift at this time as we advance our work to expose and oppose genetically engineered trees and other false solutions to climate change being promoted by corporations to avoid making real changes needed to address the climate crisis.